WALLPAPER: Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding: Quantity, Type, Samples and Wallpaper Paste.


Wallpaper Quantity


How much wallpaper do I need?

Each of our wallpaper product pages includes a wallpaper calculator, to help you calculate the amount of wallpaper you need. We recommend allowing an additional 10% for trimming excess and pattern matching. The wallpaper calculator should be used as a guide only, if you would like any assistance please contact info@thelittlegreene.com


How big is a roll of wallpaper?

Most wallpaper rolls are a standard size: 21” or 52.5cm across by 11 yards or 10m long. The only exception to this is Sackville Street, printed in a wider format, 31.5” / 80cm.


Wallpaper Type


What is Non Woven Wallpaper?

A non woven base paper is not actually a conventional paper. It does not expand when wet and is perhaps easier for the novice decorator to hang, as you can paste the wall rather than paste (and soak) the wallpaper.


Wallpaper Samples


Can I order free wallpaper samples?

A4 wallpaper samples are available on our website for all designs. You can order up to six different patterns free of charge.


Wallpaper Paste


What wallpaper paste should I use?

Little Greene Ready Mixed Wallpaper Paste must be used with Little Greene wallpapers to ensure the best results.


How much wallpaper paste do I need?

For up to 3 rolls of wallpaper, we would advise 2.5kg of paste. For larger projects of up to 6 rolls, 5kg of wallpaper paste.