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Intelligent ASP (All Surface Primer)

Intelligent ASP (All Surface Primer) is a water-based single primer undercoat suitable for painting on all interior and exterior surfaces.

Ease of application on a diverse range of different surfaces and materials, combined with a speedy two-hour drying time, make this robust primer the go-to preparation for projects that need to be completed quickly. With a low sheen of 5-8%, it is available in a wide range of colours.

The primer has been designed to support any of the Intelligent finishes on virtually any substrate, including: wood, metals, tiles, glass, melamine and most plastics including uPVC.

Intelligent All Surface Primer Overview:

  • Available in all Little Greene colours to provide absolute colour depth to the chosen top-coat
  • Please be aware that the Intelligent ASP will be lighter than your chosen topcoat.
  • Water-based
  • Quick-drying
  • Low-sheen of 5-8%
  • Coverage: approx 14 square metres per litre.
  • Prepares a wide range of finishes for painting
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use

Benefits of All Surface Primer


Intelligent ASP can be used for a range of internal and external surfaces. With just one water based matt primer, you can paint over existing paint, wood, nonferrous metals, ceramic tiles, glass and plastics.

It is highly recommended for use with any of our finishes, even oil-based finishes and it can be tinted to any shade in the Little Greene palette.


Our ‘Intelligent Paints’ are child-safe and environmentally-friendly without compromising our hallmark flatness and depth of colour. This water based primer undercoat is no different. 

Matt Finish

ASP is an Intelligent matt primer undercoat, suitable for use beneath all finishes. Its low sheen matt appearance almost parallels the popular Absolute Matt finish, creating a surface with excellent adhesion. 

Compare Absolute Matt Emulsion

Applying Intelligent All Surface Primer Undercoat

As a water-based paint, Intelligent ASP has a quick-drying time meaning it can be recoated in just 4 hours. It is virtually odourless, so you can complete your project quickly, with minimal disruption. This primer provides coverage of 14 square metres per litre; we recommend applying one or two coats as required.

Available in the full Little Greene colour palette, the primer can be used with both Little Greene water and oil-based finishes, for both interior and exterior projects.

For further information on using Intelligent ASP, visit our blog.

Using Intelligent ASP

Explore how you can refresh your wooden furniture using Intelligent ASP.

Or update your kitchen cabinets using our wood primer undercoat.

Product Data Sheet for Little Greene All Surface Primer

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Regulatory Advice Sheet for All Surface Primer Paint.

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Intelligent ASP