Exploring 'Grey'


Wall (left): Grey Teal 226
Wall (right): Inox 224
Flooring: Shallows 223



Our 'Grey' colourcard is an easy-to-use collection of 28 grey shades grouped into four tonal families.



Walls: Loft White 222
Skirting (from top to bottom): Urbane Grey 225 & Lamp Black 228
Flooring: Shallows 223


The colour grey has been at the root of historical decoration for centuries and, even now, remains a timeless staple. It is a signature shade for the most sophisticated interior design, working equally effectively in a classic or contemporary setting. Records of the earliest decorative paint samples show colours based only on carbon black (soot) and iron oxide pigments. These subtle grey tones can be seen on the walls of fine stately homes, from drawing rooms to servants’ quarters, in townhouses and important industrial sites across Europe. Modernist architecture has openly embraced nuances of whites and greys, which have served as an accommodating backdrop to the interplay of light, textural contrasts and accent colours that have subsequently become intrinsic to contemporary interiors.


Wall (panelled): Scree 227
Wall (above): Shallows 223
Flooring: Shallows 223


Our ‘Grey’ card represents a proven palette of graduated greys, which have been formulated using four naturally-occurring pigments as standard: verdigris, umber, ochre and red oxide. These pigments have, for many centuries, been used to create harmonious, balanced and tranquil interiors.


Wall: Flint 236
Fireplace (dark): Chocolate Colour 124
Fireplace (pale detail): True Taupe 240
Stripe on wall: Furrow 241


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