All For Florals

Nothing says Spring more than a carefully selected vase of fresh blooms clipped straight from the garden.

The full effect of a beautifully arranged bouquet can quite often seem far too short lived but you can continue to appreciate the beauty of fresh flowers by drawing focus to a floral print wallpaper in your home.

09 Bouquet Bonbon


From the archives of the recently renovated Whitworth Art Gallery, Little Greene’s wallpaper, Bouquet originates from a collection by celebrated wallpaper manufacturer John Line & Sons. The print embodies the 1950’s freedom of expression and palpable spirit of adventure. The loose freehand lines used on the paper are typical of the time. The bouquets depict blossoming tulips, lily of the valley and the arching stems of Solomon’s seal.

11 - Grosvenor Street-Alchemy


Delving further back into the archives uncovers the early 19th century hand-blocked wallpaper, Grosvenor Street. The paper was the last but one in a ‘sandwich’ of 17 layers of wallpaper taken from this property; a prize artefact in the English Heritage archive and one which singlehandedly documents a period of over a hundred years of historic wallpaper from one site. The wallpaper features a bold trailing floral print on a pin-print honeycomb background.

07 - Carlisle Street - Metal


The calming Carlisle Street offers a more neutral approach to toned down florals. The original wallpaper that inspired this design, found at a property in Carlisle Street in Soho, London, is actually a much more complex pattern than the design we have extracted from it. By removing the solid stripes and extraneous leaf trail, we are left with a wallpaper that achieves all-over pattern and an elegant stripe at the same time. Using traditional surface-printing methods, which originally would have applied paint rather than ink, the production of Carlisle Street reflects very closely that used in preceding centuries: it also gives it a delightfully tactile feel and slightly textured appearance.

For more wallpaper designs and inspiration visit the Little Greene website.