Using A Colour Highlight - Yellow


Yellows have an inherent brightness, freshness and warmth that makes them an ever-popular colour all around the home.

The 'Colours of England' palette includes varying hues of this vibrant shade to provide brightness in both classic and contemporary schemes.


Mortlake Yellow, Sage Green


'Mortlake Yellow' is a warm golden yellow which was used generously in the 17th century weaves of the Mortlake Tapestry Works, where under Charles I, a new generation of English craftsmen produced the finest tapestries in Europe.

Pair with the soothing, natural 'Sage Green' for a scheme inspired by nature.


Grey Stone, Sunlight


Sunlight provides a  true reduction of ochre and titanium brightened with a dash of organic yellow, Combine 'Sunlight' with 'Woad' for the perfect backdrop to yellow trim and skirting.



Light Gold, Urbane Grey

'Light Gold' is a delightful warm colour originally conceived from chrome yellow, white and a dash of vermilion. Paint a full wall in 'Light Gold' for a beautiful, bold impact.


Trumpet, Cape Red


'Trumpet' is an accent colour, derived from the development of strong coloured plastics. Popular when used sparingly in more neutral environments and sometimes used as a joinery colour for flush door faces and architraves, particularly towards the end of the decade and into the early 1980s. Use alongside 'Cape Red' for a powerful, dramatic finish.