Finding the right exterior paint that remains both true to colour whilst upholding longevity can be tricky. Luckily, our range of outdoor paints allow you to select the boldest shades with confidence, without the hindrance of weathering.

Colour that remains as true on exterior surfaces as they do interior gives the reassurance of a continual colour journey, flowing effortlessly throughout your home and outside space.

Use James 108 for window sills and trims on exterior surfaces for a gentle, natural finish.

Like any exterior surface, using paint on woodwork can come with its limitations, which is why each of our suitable finishes are pliable, durable and available in all colours. The excellent opaque finish and penetration of our Intelligent exterior eggshell makes it the favourite for exterior joinery. With its self-priming properties on new and bare wood, the water-based odourless finish applies with ease.

Make an impact with Mister David 47 for a bold finish on exterior wood. Woodwork: Loft White 222

Intelligent gloss is a quick-drying alternative to oil gloss. As a tough, washable paint with a high gloss sheen, paint your desired colour with confidence knowing that your desired shade is protected and safe from weathering. Or for a flatter finish, our Tom’s oil eggshell is the preferred finish of one of our senior chemists. With a sophisticated low sheen, it boasts excellent penetration and flow applying perfectly on primed exterior woodwork.

Use strongly contrasting colours for a vibrant scheme. Spearmint 202, Garden 86 and Carmine 189 (L to R) guarantee a bold punch of colour. Wall and Bench: Dark Lead Colour 118

Alternatively, our Traditional oil gloss offers a timeless high sheen finish. Fully washable, it has the highest cover per square meter of our woodwork paint and maintains a timeless finish on all exterior woodwork surfaces, making it one of the smartest choices for exterior woodwork.

Pair Trumpet 196 with Turquoise Blue 93 for a strong contrast in your outdoor living space. Summer House: Lamp Black 228