The Beauty Of Ultra Blue

Capturing the warmth and historic importance of Blue, the new Little Greene capsule colour collection comprises of 21 paint shades from the vast blue spectrum.

The gem of the collection, Ultra Blue is a hand-mixed, limited edition colour that is layered, using two coats upon application to create the most sumptuous, deep Ultramarine shade.

Ultra Blue 264 - Portrait Ultra Blue 264

Produced using a single pigment that isn't stocked on our regular paint tinting machines, the formulation of the paint is as unique as the colour it produces.

Its delicate, decorative finish requires the same pigment that was extracted and crushed by the Venetians in the 14th century from Lapis Lazuli. The pigment was ground from the semi-precious stone for its intense colour and was used for the exclusive depiction of the robes of angels and the Virgin Mary. The colour was used solely for this purpose until around 1520 and was the most expensive blue pigment used during the Renaissance.

A shade that is continually celebrated by artists and designers, French post-war artist Yves Klein mixed his own deep blue hue using Ultramarine and named it International Klein Blue.

It is now more commonly associated with the glimmering whitewash buildings and striking domed roofs of churches in Santorini.

Spatially, the strength of this cherished colour can be utilised to create great contrast and depth within a room. Its versatility makes it suitable for use on exteriors as seen on the low walls of ‘The Marjorelle Garden’ in Marrakesh, creating a calm haven of foliage and vibrant colour which was later bought by Yves Saint Laurent in 1980.

To create the rare intensity of Ultra Blue, the opacity of a base coat is required before the application of two layers of top coat to build up the richness of the colour.

The use of two hand-mixed coats of the paint greatly impacts the perception of colour and creates the treasured, multi-faceted colour adored by artists throughout time.

Ultra Blue is available to order now online and through stockists nationwide, for more information visit:

  • Ray Jackson

    My first (base) coat has left one or two areas not absolutely covered. Is it ok to apply a second coat before the top coat is applied?

  • Romany Mb

    My paint has arrived without any application instructions