Little Greene ‘Pink’ Collection – The Press Launch


We celebrated the launch of the new ‘Pink’ collection with a press event at the Little Greene Marylebone showroom.

DSC03314 The Little Greene London Showroom

Journalists and bloggers were invited to browse the collection comprising eight related pink shades. The new limited edition ‘Pink’ colour card provides a delicious choice of colours from soft delicate tones associated with femininity and sensitivity to bolder, seductive hues. Designed to work harmoniously in combination and with other Little Greene shades, these versatile pinks include seven new colours and one from the existing colour card.

DSC03089 The Little Greene London Showroom
DSC03223 The Little Greene London Showroom
DSC03309 The Little Greene London Showroom

Alongside the paints, we also showcased ‘Paradise – Pink,’ a limited edition pink colourway of our ‘Paradise’ wallpaper from the Little Greene ‘Archive Trails’ collection. ‘Paradise’ (c1940) celebrates a truly rich mix of styles. The English Heritage-owned document from which this paper is drawn is actually a 20th Century piece, but the subject – exotic flora and the familiar oriental ho-ho birds - is classic ancient Chinoiserie, whilst the colouration in the original is very much in the style of a 19th Century French paper.

DSC03298 Paradise - Pink

Guests at the launch sampled colour-matched cocktails, ‘Carmine Cosmopolitan’ and ‘Dorchester Delight’ and viewed the new colours in the showroom which featured floral displays, pink balloons and a Little Greene mural. Managing Director, David Mottershead presented the new collection and revealed the inspiration behind the colours.

DSC02952 The Little Greene London Showroom



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