The Little Greene Award 2018


Little Greene celebrated Regent’s University’s End of Year Exhibition by presenting the Little Greene Award, where students showcased their final project work.

The private viewing of the exhibition took place at Squire & Partners on 2nd May where their final projects were displayed for visitors to view.

Our Showroom Manager, Robert Paul and Colour Consultant, Jenny Luck were impressed by the high standard of work presented and the variation of innovative concepts on display.

Left to right: Robert Paul, Jenny Luck, Laoura Engelzou, Azure Lamusse

Interior Design Course Leader, Laoura Englezou was proud of the winning design, chosen for its use of style, its concept and ability to encapsulate the influence of the surrounding area.

The project, ReliGIN, created by final year student Azure Lamusse, aimed to take users through a gin themed journey, using interior design and exploring interlocking volumes by utilising copper, a material used in the distillation process.

Little Greene Award 2018

Little Greene Colour Consultant, Jenny Luck said: “I felt that the winning presentation by Azure was very user friendly and the customer journey was well thought through. I liked how she brought a touch of style to an area, neighbouring the city and the fashionable east London, along with offering a popular beverage of choice for city slickers.”

She added: “Azure had thought about incorporating a laboratory where the flavours of the gins would be created. I could see this space really taking off as a tourist attraction and generating interest to the location.”

Little Greene Award 2018

Laoura was impressed with the hard work showcased at the exhibition, saying: “We’re really, really proud of our students and the hard work they’ve put in this year – both our final year students with their final major project, and our second year students for doing this amazing work and building the end of year exhibition.”

Mark Eley, Head of Programmes for Fashion and Design, added: “On this very special night for our final year students, we wish the graduating students every success. Now that they are industry ready, they can go out into this world and conquer their dreams with a toolkit that I hope we have enabled them to have. I hope within this group, we will see the future stars of the design industry.”