The Little Greene Award at Marylebone Interiors Day


For the second year running, Little Greene has partnered with Regents University London to commemorate Marylebone Interiors Day, a celebration of Marylebone's interior design theme with a day of workshops, offers and consultations.

Little Greene collaborated with the university on the ‘Little Greene Award,’ inviting students to produce and present creative design ideas for the chance to win the award and have their work displayed in the Little Greene London showroom.

The ideas produced were judged by how closely they matched Little Greene’s brand identity, mirroring their originality and exploration of colour whilst maintaining the fundamental qualities of beauty, quality and accessibility.

The award was judged by Little Greene Showroom Manager, Robert Paul and Colour Consultant, Jenny Luck.


Paul_Terry_Photography_Regents_University_Fashion_&_Design_Small_266 L-R Jenny Luck, Robert Paul, Anna Yumasheva, Mark Gower Image: Paul Terry Photography


Interior Design student Anna Yumasheva received the award for her interior design scheme for an Urban Piano School.

She said: ‘I have done this project because I play piano myself and I graduated from my music school in Russia so I always wanted to do a project that would include music and especially piano because it is one of my passions as well as interior design. I was really happy that we could write our own brief, straight away I knew it was going to be a music school.’


Paul_Terry_Photography_Regents_University_Fashion_&_Design_Small_269 Little Greene Award Winner, Anna Yumasheva. Image: Paul Terry Photography


The piano school design was Anna’s BA (Hons) Interior Design final year graduation project and was aimed at encouraging people from disadvantaged backgrounds to explore their potential through music.

The design was displayed in our showroom on the 21st of May to coincide with Marylebone Interiors Day.

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