Little Greene at IWM North

Little Greene has partnered with the IWM North once again for their new exhibition, ‘Fashion on the Ration’ commemorating the 75th anniversary of clothes rationing.

Celebrating 1940’s street style, the exhibition explores how men and women in Britain found new ways to dress through the clothing rationing during the war.

The museum, based in Salford Quays, selected bold Little Greene shades as the backdrop to the exhibition including Purpleheart 188, Atomic Red 190 and Juniper Ash 115.

IWM_SITE_IWMN_001631 Image: IWM North
IWM_SITE_IWMN_001626 Image: IWM North
IWM_SITE_IWMN_001612 Image: IWM North
IWM_SITE_IWMN_001609 Image: IWM North

Fashion on the Ration will run from May 27th 2016 to 1st May 2017 and is free for IWM members.

IWM_SITE_IWMN_001606 Image: IWM North

Tickets are available at for Fashion on the Ration: 1940s Street Style.

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