Colour Focus: Hicks' Blue


For the 1960's, often remembered as an explosion of colour and culture, Hicks' Blue is in fact quite muted in character.

Originally used by David Hicks in the restaurant at the top of the London Telecom Tower in 1962, it's an easy colour to use in place of a safer neutral.

It combines perfectly with white (a slightly off-white colour such as Slaked Lime or French Grey Pale works perfectly) and provides an authentic retro feel against natural wood, particularly teak.

Blues are often incorrectly perceived to be cold colours. Varying from cool (Bone China Blue, for example) to warm (Juniper Ash), blue is an extremely versatile palette to work within any room of the home.

Hicks' Blue and Green Verditer

Combine with Green Verditer for a vibrant colour highlight.

Hicks' Blue

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