Blitzed with Colour

As the official paint sponsor of the IWM North, Little Greene has teamed up with the museum once again for their Blitzed Brits, Horrible Histories exhibition.

Creating an engaging environment for children to learn about wartime Britain, the free exhibition invites youngsters to explore the interactive space to reveal personal accounts of people who lived through the Blitz.

Using bright, bold colours to capture interest, the IWM North chose a variety of shades to decorate the exhibition including our brightest yellow, Mister David, Theatre Red, Jack Black and Hicks Blue.


We spoke to the exhibition designers about their colour choices and why Little Greene is their paint of choice:

What was the aim for the exhibition design?

To create an engaging environment for a wide audience to learn about what the Blitz was like. We wanted to create an immersive experience where children in particular could learn through interacting with the displays and to create opportunities for parents and grandparents too.


How do you create a space that engages children?

Creating strong visuals and small amounts of text. Taking children on a journey of discovery – revealing something new around each corner creates excitement and anticipation. Lots of interactives as many children learn best by either doing, making or touching something. We also produced a Survival Guide aimed at children with eight Survival Stations located throughout the exhibition which created a series of challenges and rewards and at the same time enabled informal learning to take place.


What attracts you to Little Greene paint?

The fabulous range of colours and the high quality of the paint made Little Greene paint great to work with. The use of colour was really important in the exhibition and being able to match the paint to graphic colours meant we could achieve consistency across the exhibition. We also really liked that each paint colour has its own story and reflect a range of time periods, right up to present day.


What has the reaction been to the exhibition’s design?

We are thrilled with the response which the exhibition has had. Seeing children, parents and grandparents engaging together is so rewarding. As one child said: ‘I love it because it makes it so fun and I get to learn more.’ What more could a designer wish for?


The Horrible Histories Blitzed Brits exhibition runs until 10th April 2016.