20th Century Design Classics Competition - The Shortlist...

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our bloggers competition to select 'your' Twentieth Century Design Classic.

It hasn't been an easy competition for us to judge, with a fabulous range of imaginative entries which included lighting, automotive design, all kinds of furniture, kitchen utensils, photography and modern art. It was fascinating to note that the overwhelming majority of suggestions came from the 1960s - a period of huge technological advance and creative entrepreneurship (and source of some fantastic paint colours too!). But there were also notable mentions for the Model T Ford (1908), the ZX Spectrum (1982) Apple's iMacG3 (1998), and even an Ikea cheese grater - all equally valid and classics in their own right.

But there's an Eames DSW chair for the winner of the competition and it will be one of these top four posts:

Eero Aarnio's  'Ball Chair' at The Treasure Hunter

The Ball Chair, 1966

Dorothy Becker's 'Uten.Silo' at Bad Fiction

Uten.Silo, 1969

Dieter Rams' Vitsœ’s 606 Shelving at Atelier Tally

Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving, 1960

The Anglepoise Lamp at Stacey Sheppard's Blog

The Anglepoise Lamp, 1932

And the winning blog is… ‘Atelier Tally’ with Dieter Rams ‘Vitsœ’s 606 Shelving’! It has a number of things we look for in a good design – timeless, understated, flexible and hugely functional. As pointed out - when asked why they don’t do other finishes, Vitsœ tell their customers “paint your walls and not your shelves.” We really loved  that about this design!

We've seen many fascinating design choices and we've really loved reading through them all. We’d like to thank everyone who entered and we hope you can join us in future Little Greene competitions…

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    Bad Fiction to win!

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